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Warning, The Crossing is for adults. That being said, it is science fiction, with pirates, ghosts, spirits, sea monsters and even a leprechaun thrown in for some mischievous fun!

Happy Ours off shore Venesuela, see the dolphin left of her stern?

Pictured here is Happy Ours, our Island Packet 44. She is a 1992 with hull number six

After moving aboard in May 2001 we began our cruising life in Palmetto, Florida. Happy Ours rounded the tip of Florida with visits at Ft. Meyers Beech and Key West, then up the East coast to the Annapolis Boat Show, making many stops along the way. We split the trip equally between the ICW and out in the ocean, learning as we traveled. After the boat show we sailed South and eventually wound up in Lake Worth from where we crossed the Gulf Stream to West End, Bahamas. Having worked our way through the Abacos, we managed to attend race week in Georgetown; then followed the thornless path to the Virgin Islands, and then island hopped to Trinidad where we attended one of their famous carnivals. Leaving Trinidad, we based in Puerto La Cruz,  Venezuela from where we explored the beautiful out islands and enjoyed inland travel to Peru and Bolivia . We continued on to Curacou, Bonaire, Cartagena, the San Blas islands, Colon, Bocus Del Toro, San Andreus, Providencia, The Bay  Islands of Honduras, Guatemala, up the Rio Dulce River , Belize, Isla Mujeres, Mexico and now we are in St Pete, Florida. After 8 years, on May 15th, 2009, Happy Ours crossed her track and completed her ircumnavigation of the Caribbean.

What happens when a true pair of Boatnuts swallows the anchor and move ashore? THEY GET BORED IN A HURRY! The author interviewed friends and acquaintances and was surprised to find that many boaters have found an outlet for their travel and adventure lust–it is via an RV. Some have chartered an RV in faraway places such as Australia and Alaska while others prefer to buy their own portable home and tour the continental United States. There are many similarities between boating and RV’ing; the equipment and the types of equipment failures, the strong feeling of independence and the camaraderie between fellow travelers. When fighting high winds and seas is no longer fun, RV travel becomes a real alternative. The author never claims to be an expert but simply offers his fun experiences from the research, purchase and outfitting of a Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter. Traveling from Florida to Alaska and back in an RV while enjoying as much water scenery as practicable along the way led the Boatnuts on many interesting adventures.